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Das Stahl Kaffeehaus: A Coffee Bar

Striving for quality in everything we do, the Das Stahl team is taking on coffee! Das Stahl Kaffeehaus, opening December 16th, is your new favorite Coffee Bar. Utilizing responsibly sourced beans of the highest quality, you won’t be disappointed. 

Whether you are looking for a quiet place to telework, want to hang out with friends, or just want to talk coffee, Das Stahl Kaffeehaus has you covered.

Seasonal Lattes

Rose White Chocolate Latte

A floral latte with a smooth white chocolate finish.

Baklava Latte

A house made walnut honey orgeat with a hint of pistachio.

Hades’s Love

A house made pomegranate mocha with activated charcoal.

Seasonal Pour Over

Waghi Valley Kenta

 Black Tea, Cherry, Tropical, Chocolate, Spice

Benjamin Paz Anaerobic Honey

Captain Crunch Berries, Sweet Citrus, Whiney Balanced

Rivense Special Fermentation

Jammy, Orange Liqueur, Chocolate, Baking Spice

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Connect with us

Located Inside Das Stahl Bierhaus
7914 South Memorial Parkway
Huntsville AL 35802

Kaffeehaus Hours

Monday : Closed
Tuesday : 6:30 AM – 2 PM
Wednesday : 6:30 AM – 2 PM
Thursday : 6:00 AM – 2 PM
Friday : 6:00 AM – 2 PM
Saturday : 7:00 AM – 3 PM
Sunday : Closed







“Our mission is to responsibly source exceptional specialty coffees, artisan roast them to perfection, and then help build more sustainable lives for people in Third World coffee producing nations with the profit.”

-Carabello Coffee, proud coffee supplier for Das Stahl Kaffeehaus



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